Fish Report-Freshwater, May 27

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LAKE MEAD: Fishing for stripers fair on smaller fish in South Cove and other coves at the south end of the lake. Catches of channel catfish have also been fair. Cats from one to two pounds are being caught on cut baits. Most stripers are between one and two pounds and the best bait has been cut up gizzard shad, anchovies, sardines or shrimp. Fish are mostly in coves along steep canyon walls in 50 to 80 feet of water. The largemouth bass bite has been improving with the fish in the spawn now.

WILLOW BEACH: Very light fishing pressure and few reports. For fishing information: Willow Beach Resort at 928-767-4747.

LAKE MOHAVE: Both the smallmouth and largemouth bass bites have been fair to good on plastics and nightcrawlers. Lots of fish in the 3-pound range. Bluegill and redear are also improving on nightcrawlers near the dam and at Katherine’s. Stripers are improving with a lot of fish in the Katherine’s area on anchovies. The stripers are in the one to four-pound range. The catfish bite is fair to good in most coves, especially at night on cut baits. Information: Cottonwood Cove at 702-297-1464, Katherine’s Landing at 928-754-3245.

LAUGHLIN-BULLHEAD AREA: The striped bass bite has been fair from the dam all the way downstream to Needles. Most are one to two pounds, but a lot of fish from four to six pounds are showing now. Steven Boblett, Bullhead City, had stripers at 5.58 and 3.28 pounds near Davis Dam. Bob Hilderbrand, Bullhead City, and son John Hildebrand, San Gabriel, had 12 stripers to 2 pounds in the Avi-stretch of the river on anchovies. Tony Smith and Chris Duncan, both Bullhead City, teamed up to landed a 15.68-pound catfish in the river near the Nature Center. Catfish are fair overall. Some bass are showing in the backwaters, and the bluegill and redear are also starting to take off. Information: Riviera Marina at 928-763-8550.

NEEDLES-TOPOC REGION: The largemouth bass action has been fair to good in the marsh with nightcrawlers and slow-rolled spinnerbaits producing fish, but most are small. The smallmouth bite is fair in the main river and gorge areas. The bluegill and redear bite is starting to turn on and moving into the spawn, and the catfish action is also getting pretty good. Stripers in the main river are fair to good with the bite really taking off. The fish are showing on cut baits, with bigger fish on swimbaits and jerk baits. You can access the marsh by boat at the North Dike, Catfish Paradise, and Five-Mile Landing. All three also provide plenty of area for shoreline fishing, too. Information: Phil?s Western Trader at 928-768-4954 or Capt. Doyle?s Fun Fishing guide service at 928-768-2667.

LAKE HAVASU: The striped bass bite has been improving with more and more fish taken on or near the surface. The best bite is still in deeper water on spoons and cut baits, but the fish are showing throughout the lake as more and more fish are moving upriver and into the gorge. The smallmouth and largemouth bass are fair. The smallmouth action is best on most rocky points on plastics, jigs, and slow-fished spinnerbaits. The largemouth are best on plastics, Senko-type baits, and Brush Hawgs. The bluegill and redear are fair to good with lots of fish on beds. Two-plus pounders common. Catfish have been slow to fair on cut anchovies or other cut baits.

PARKER STRIP: Channel catfish fair on cut baits, and the flatheads catfish action is finally starting to turn on.

BLYTHE: The flathead catfish bite has been fair to good. The best action has been in the main river’s big pools on live bluegill, goldfish, and tilapia. The largemouth bass bite has been good all along this stretch of the river with good action in the main river and backwaters. Most fish have been on plastics, jigs, reaction baits, and nightcrawlers. Also more and more smallmouths showing in the main river on small cranks, jigs, and plastics, especially in the stretches with rip-rap. The bluegill bite is also starting to turn on with the warm weather. Information: B&B Bait 760-921-2248.   

PALO VERDE: The flathead catfish bite is good in the main river on live bluegill. A number of fish to 20 pounds and better reported in the past week, including another one in the 40-pound class. The largemouth and smallmouth bass bites have been very good in the lagoon and other backwaters. Plastics, reaction baits, and even topwater baits are all working. The channel catfish action is pretty fair, mostly on cut baits. The smallmouth bass are also good in the main river with the best bite on plastics or reaction baits. Smallies to 4 pounds reported in recent days. Information: Walter’s Camp 760-854-3322 Thursday through Monday.

PICACHO AREA: The bass have been good, with the best bite on plastics and live baits. The reaction bait and topwater bites are starting early this year. The catfish bite is fair on channels with cut baits, and the flathead catfish bite is finally starting to turn on for anglers fishing live goldfish, bluegill, or tilapia. The bluegill bite is good. Still light fishing pressure.

MARTINEZ LAKE AREA: Largemouth bass action has been on live baits, plastics, and reaction baits. Even some topwater. Flathead catfish are fair to good on live bluegill and goldfish. Channel catfish action is good on stink baits and cut baits. Bluegill are finally turning on with pretty good action. Information: 928-783-9589 Thursday through Monday.

YUMA AREA: Largemouth bass action has been good in area backwaters. Most anglers are fishing live bait, plastics, or reaction baits. The channel catfish action is fair on cut bait and stink baits, and the flathead are starting to turn on with a number of fish over 20 pounds reported the past two weeks. Bluegill are good.

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