Eastern Sierra, July 28 Report

GENERAL UPDATE: The weather has been excellent if not warm in the Sierra the past week. For information on the regulations, anglers should check the Department of Fish and Wildlife website’s regulations pages. Top Eastern Sierra fishing report web sites are: www.KensSport.com (Bridgeport region), www.TheTroutFly.com, and www.SierraDrifters.com.

TOP FISHING NEWS: Overall, the trout fishing remains fair to good throughout the region with the DFW planting many roadside waters each week, and holdover and wild fish showing in decent numbers. That means a steady succession of both limits and a few quality fish.

In the Bridgeport region, the East Walker River continued to slow down as water temperatures continue to tick upward. Still fair action, but the lover river and Nevada stretched have been better than the Miracle Mile stretch. Trout to 25 inches being caught on nymphs and streamers, but little dry fly action and what there has been has been very inconsistent. Bridgeport Reservoir remains very good for trollers in Buckeye Bay, but the bait and fly action has picked up this week in the creek inlets. Both Twin Lakes, upper and lower, were slow to fair with winds, but still some flurries of decent action, and some fish to 6 pounds. In the Virginia Lakes drainage, overall just fair fishing, but both Virginias have been kicking out some big trout from 3 to 5 pounds.

In the June Lake region, the bite has continued fair to good at all the lakes. Silver Lake has been producing fish to five pounds and a lot of 2- to 3-pounders. Keith Russell, Santa Clarita, landed a 6-14 rainbow from Silver Lake on a nightcrawler fishing from a boat.

In the Mammoth region, Crowley Lake is very good right now for big trout on the fly. A number of rainbows, cutts, and browns topping 5 pounds have been reported this week. These have all been caught on midge or damselfly imitation, but some are starting to show on perch fry imitations. Hot Creek has been good with midge and bluewing olive hatches midday. The upper Owens remains pretty good, but with fewer bigger fish. Convict Lake has been fair to good, and quite a few quality trout continue to show. Smoke continues to be a problem from the fire near Devil’s Postpile.

In the Bishop region, the whole Bishop Creek drainage has been fair to good. Bishop Creek and Sabrina continue to be the best, and Sabrina got a plant of trophy trout last week. North and South Lake are also fair to good. Inlet II has been very good thanks to regular DFW plants. The lower Owens River and Pleasant Valley Reservoir are fair.

BRIDGEPORT REGION: Fishing Information: Ken’s Sporting Goods 760-932-7707 or www.kenssport.com.

MAMMOTH AREA: Fishing Information: The Troutfitter at 760-934-2517.

BISHOP AREA: Fishing information: Culver’s Sporting Goods 760-872-8361, Sierra Drifters Guide Service 760-935-4250, or Sierra Trout Magnet Fly Shop 760-873-0010.


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