Fish Report-Freshwater, Sept. 2

TOP NEWS: There is a change in the wind here. While the bulk of the action is still in a summer mode with the best action early and late in the day, except for the deep-water trollers and bait fishermen who can catch fish. Outside of those windows, the higher elevation waters are tilting toward fall and the fall-spawning trout (browns and brookies) are starting to stack up at creek inlets in lakes. Since the spawn won’t really kick into gear for over a month, the fish are feeding actively as the waters start to cool. Top fishing spots are changing. The East Walker River flows remain very low (21 cfs) but the fishing is good, mostly on smaller fish now. Other good bets have been Grant Lake, Crowley (the trout are on the perch minnows now), and the upper walk-in lakes in the Rock Creek and Bishop Creek drainages. For planted trout, all the weekly-plant was remains good. Big fish include a 9-pound rainbow caught by Todd Moseanko, Hesperia, on garlic PowerBait in Convict Lake, and there was a 7-5 rainbow landed by Richard Jenkins, Glendale, fishing in Silver Lake with a trolled Needlefish.

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