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LAKE ISABELLA: The crappie action has remained good to excellent for float tube and boat anglers fishing around any structure (mostly flooded trees), while the shore anglers are having a little more difficulty getting on the fish. Limits of 25-fish averaging about 3/4-pound have been the norm on minnows and small jigs tipped with Crappie Nibbles. The fish are in few spots thanks to low water levels. The catfish bite is also good with a lot of quality 1- to 3-pound fish showing, mostly on frozen shad and Sonny’s bait the top bets, but other cut baits and chicken liver also working. The trout bite has been spotty at the dam for shore anglers fishing deep water with floating baits and trollers on Needlefish-style lures. The bluegill bite is good in most coves, but there are more small fish with the bigger fish few and far between. The bass bite has continued fair on two to four pounders on cranks, plastics, Alabama rigs, with some topwater. Best action is early and late in the day, but that is true for everything with the continued warm weather. Lake level is very low which has concentrated the fish up in a few spots. For fishing information: Bob’s Bait (661) 833-8657.

KERN RIVER: The water level is very low in both the upper and lower rivers and the fish are stacked up in the bigger pools with the upper river best early and late in the day for the trout, while the lower river has very good bass and catfish action during the same time frame. There is also pretty good trout action in the lower river. DFG plants in the upper river this week. Information: Kern River Fly Shop (760) 376-2040 (or kernriverflyfishing.com) or James Store (760) 376-2424.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: The striper bite has been good to excellent, but most of the fish are 15 to 17 inches, under the 18-inch minimum size, with one out of 20 fish a keeper. Best bite has been on bloodworms, anchovies or some lure action on Flukes and Gitzits. Weed conditions have improved, but it’s still causing some problems. The catfish action is just fair on shad, mackerel or Sonny’s Catfish bait. Information: Bob’s Bait (661) 833-8657.

MILL CREEK PARK: Good action on catfish and carp here over the past week. Green nightcrawlers have been the top bait for the cats, while Powder Bait has been best for the carp. Also still a fair to good bite on bluegill on crickets and wax worms.

HART PARK LAKE: Water level is way down, but there is very good bluegill action on wax worms, mealworms and crickets, and the carp bite is also fair to good on Powder Bait or homemade dough baits. The bite is best mornings and evenings with the heat shutting things down the rest of the time. The bass bite has also been improving this week with fish on plastics and Senkos.

TRUXTUN LAKE: Low water conditions and good to excellent bluegill action on red worms, mealworms, wax worms, crickets and nightcrawler pieces, but the best bite has been early and late in the day. The carp action is also fair to good on dough baits. The bass action is improving with fair action early or late in the day on cranks, jerkbaits or plastics.

RIVER WALK PARK: Little change with very good bluegill action on mealworms and wax worms or crickets early and late in the day with low water. Carp are fair on Powder Bait. The bass are fair on reaction baits and plastics early and late in the day.

MING LAKE: Low water conditions have stacked the fish on a few spots, and there is very good bluegill action on wax worms, red worms and mealworms. The carp action is good on dough baits. Bass are fair and improving with the cooler weather. The best action on plastics, spinnerbaits, and cranks.

BRITE LAKE: No reports.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: Water level is way down, and there is a very good bluegill bite on wax worms, crickets and mealworms, and a fair to good carp bite on Powder Bait or similar dough and dip baits. The catfish action has been fair at night on cut baits, but mostly on small fish. The bass action has been very good early and late in the day on cranks, plastics, Senkos, minnows, and nightcrawlers. Lake Evans is slow low that one of the islands is now part of the shoreline. The annual Taft Chamber of Commerce Trout Fishing Derby will be 6 a.m.-2 p.m. Nov. 17 at Lake Evans. Information: Bob’s Bait (661) 833-8657.

WOOLLOMES LAKE: Low water levels. Very good bluegill action on wax worms, mealworms or crickets, while the early morning and late evening bass bite is fair on Senkos, Brush Hogs, plastics or nightcrawlers. Also quite a few carp showing for the anglers targeting them with Powder Bait.

SUCCESS LAKE: Good to excellent bass action in the low water. Best action on drop-shot plastics and Senko-type lures with some topwater around weed mats. Level is about seven percent. The bluegill bite is good on crickets and wax worms in 6 to 20 feet of water. Few other reports. Information: 559-781-2078.

KAWEAH LAKE: The bass bite has been fair to good on plastics, Brush Hogs, swimbaits and spinnerbaits. The best bite is at first or last light. The bluegill action is good on the usual array of small baits. A few catfish starting to show, but other species slow. Information: (559) 597-2526.

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