2016 Spiny Lobster season opens Oct. 1

Season will run through March 22.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — Fans of California’s spiny bugs can officially dive into the Pacific Ocean and begin hunting for local crustaceans just after the clock strikes midnight on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Lobster hunters can continue searching for and obtaining California spiny lobsters through March 22, 2017.

The recreational bag limit is seven lobsters per day per person.

“No more than one daily bag limit may be taken or possessed by any one person unless otherwise authorized … [and] regardless of whether they are fresh, frozen or otherwise preserved,” according to state law. “This means that if you have a limit of seven lobsters at home, you cannot go out and get more lobsters until the first limit is disposed of in some way (eaten, given away, etc).”

Information about filling out report cards (which must be filed with the state after the season ends) and other regulations governing the fishery can be found online at wildlife.ca.gov/Conservation/Marine/Invertebrates/Lobster.

The 2017-18 recreational lobster season begins on Sept. 30, 2017 and runs through March 21, 2018.

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