Team Casa Hoga wins Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament

By: Parimal M. Rohit

LOS CABOS – One of the most prominent fishing tournaments hit the water off the Los Cabos coast, Oct. 21 through 25, with nearly $2 million in cash prizes and awards handed out to anglers participating in the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament in Baja California Sur.

Team Casa Hogar claimed the tournament’s top prize with a 385-pound marlin catch, the largest qualifying fish. The 10 anglers and crew members aboard the Team Casa Hogar vessel participated in the five-day marlin tournament to raise money and awareness for Casa Hogar , a the nonprofit providing education, food and shelter to underprivileged boys in Los Cabos.

In all, 125 teams participated in the Black and Blue Tournament. Organizers stated the tournament helped jumpstart economic recovery in a region hit hard a few weeks earlier by Hurricane Odile.

Capt. Ernie Cossio of Team Casa Hogar claimed the “Top Captain Award”. Other honors claimed by Team Casa Hogar included the tournament jackpot and the Day Two $500 Daily Jackpot. Casa Hogar received a donation of $258,325 from the tournament winners.

Angler Carlos Cervontes of Sporty Game reeled in a 337-pound blue marlin in 18 minutes, earning the vessel’s owner and captain (Dan Lewis) a $1.682 million payout and second place finish.

According to tournament officials, it is the 12th time Sporty Game earned at least $1 million with a catch.

The third-largest marlin catch was by angler Dennis Bartos of Team Survivor. Bartos caught a 328-pound blue marlin that yielded him and his team $42,187 and a third place finish.

In fourth place was Baja Banditos (320-pound blue marlin, $11,250 payout), followed by Tepeyacos in fifth (304-pound blue marlin, $7,500 payout).

Mobious won the Release Division, earning $49,725 for releasing the first marlin based on time. Hailing from Japan, Suzuka A finished second with $17,212 in winnings. In third place was Los Tapatios ($9,562).

Tournament officials reported 912 anglers participated in the Release Division contest, catching 60 blue marlin and six black marlin.

The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament has taken place annually in Los Cabos since 1981. Only six teams participated in the first year.

The largest payout in the tournament’s history was in 2006, when almost $4.2 million in cash prizes were claimed.

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