Black Bass and Striped Bass petition withdrawn from FGC meeting

FOLSOM — A group requesting the California Fish and Game Commission (FGC) to decrease size limits and increase take limits of non-native black bass and striped bass have withdrawn their petition from consideration, it was reported on Aug. 23.

FGC staff confirmed the petition’s withdrawal on the agency’s website, informing the public commissioners would not be voting on the request to regulate black bass and striped bass.

The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta petitioned the FGC on June 9 to prevent the predation of endangered salmon and smelt by increasing the amount of black bass and stripped bass anglers are allowed to take.

According to news reports the coalition withdrew the petition ahead of the FGC meetings on Aug. 24 and 25 in Folsom after they would be given 10 minutes to address commissioners. News reports indicated the petition’s supporters wanted more time to defend the coalition’s request.

Joining the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta in its petition were Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Southern California Water Committee. Metropolitan Water District operates Diamond Valley Lake, Lake Matthews and Lake Skinner; Southern California Water Committee identifies itself as a “nonprofit, nonpartisan public education partnership.”

Non-native black bass and striped bass are considered a threat to winter-run Chinook salmon and delta smelt, the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta stated in its petition.

“By decreasing the size limits and increasing the take limits for these predators, the California Fish and Game Commission can better protect endangered species and help stabilize water supplies for millions of California families, farms, and businesses,” stated the coalition’s petition.

Petitioners continued similar action to address predation of salmon species was taken in Oregon and Washington.

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