By: Terrence Berg

The great bluefin tuna fishing actually improved over the past week, with more of the bigger-grade fish showing up again. The yellowfin, dorado and yellowtail bites also continue to be very good — and while the fish aren’t within range of the three-quarter-day boats any longer, the overnight trips and longer are still hammering them. In recent trips, Condor, Pacific Queen, Prowler and Fortune, all out of Fisherman’s Landing, scored limits of yellowtail from 5 to 12 pounds, with a few bigger fish, along with good counts on dorado. That’s before focusing on the bigger bluefin — getting from one to three per angler, in the 40-pound-plus class. New Lo An out of Point Loma Sportfishing returned Oct. 8 with 22 anglers who had limits of yellowtail, 12 yellowfin and 21 of the bigger bluefin to 50 pounds. Ocean Odyssey out of H&M Landing returned Oct. 9 from a 2.5-day trip. The 24 anglers on board landed 192 yellowtail, 37 yellowfin, and 27 dorado the first day of fishing — and they got 66 bluefin from 40 to 60 pounds on the second day, losing twice as many of the bigger bluefin as they landed. This bite doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Bookings are also now available without having to schedule weeks in advance. You can make mid-week bookings for the next day — and weekend books are available right up until Friday.

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