Clock begins on rulemaking for 2019-20 sportfishing season

Fish and Game Commission will likely deliberate upcoming season at August meetings.

SACRAMENTO — A rulemaking session for California’s final sportfishing season of the decade is finally underway.

The state’s Fish and Game Commission started the clock on the rulemaking process for the 2019-20 sportfishing season, with key issues discussed by members of the commission’s Wildlife Resources Committee.

Committee members met Jan. 11 in Santa Rosa and provided the public an opportunity to discuss the potential regulation of the upcoming sportfishing season.

Staff with the Department of Fish and Wildlife will review the discussion points brought up during the Jan. 11 committee meeting; committee members are expected to again discuss potential regulatory issues at a May 17 meeting in Los Alamitos.

A formal hearing on any proposed regulations would be held in front of the full Fish and Game Commission, Aug. 22-23 in Fortuna.

The state regularly updates its sportfishing season regulations through the Fish and Game Commission.

Two commissioners co-chair the Wildlife Resources Committee: Anthony Williams and Russell Burns.

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