Dad Brand: Tight lines with son

OXNARD — Boxing legend Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. might be nicknamed “Money,” but Floyd Lovejoy might have earned legendary status with his son when the father-son team was “money” aboard New Hustler out of Hook’s Landing in Oxnard.

New Hustler Capt. Chris Volaski headed out on a fishing expedition in late October with the Lovejoys aboard. Floyd and Chase returned to shore with a pair of lingcod catches near Santa Rosa Island. The duo used live sardines to make their respective catches.

Hook’s Landing also reported Coroloma’s three-quarter-day fishing trip on Oct. 22 returned to port with 33 anglers catching three lingcod, 51 whitefish and 163 rockfish. Angler Brian Hardt reportedly caught a whopper 7-pound whitefish on the three-quarter-day trip.

(Photo courtesy Hook’s Landing)

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