Deadline for FGC Deputy Executive Director application nears

Applications for commission staff opening are due by Sept. 30.

SACRAMENTO — California’s Fish and Game Commission (FGC) will be accepting applications for its deputy executive director opening through Sept. 30.

The position primarily focuses on implementing FGC’s administrative priorities, aiding the executive director in long-term planning, and ensuring overall meeting preparation.

The deputy executive director also fills in for the executive director whenever he or she is absent from FGC meetings.

Whoever is hired to fill the position must also provide commissioners with enough information to develop policies and regulations governing habitat conservation, endangered species, protected waters, ecological reserves and marine protected areas, among other responsibilities.

A full description of duties and minimum qualifications is available online at

The salary range for the deputy executive director is $6,353 to $9,277 per month.

Valerie Termini currently serves as FGC’s executive director. Termini was hired in May as the commission’s first female executive director; she succeeded Sonke Mastrup, who had stepped down from the executive director position in December 2015.

The FGC was established in 1870 and was the first wildlife public agency ever created in the United States. Commissioners have been responsible for regulating sportfishing since 1945.

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