Deadline nears for Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee nominations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Those seeking to fill a vacancy on the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, or MAFAC, must have their nominations submitted by Nov. 27, according to a Federal Register notice.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has been seeking committee nominations since Oct. 13. Nominations submitted by the Nov. 27 deadline would either fill current vacancies or those pending in February 2018.

Appointees serve for three years and, according to the Commerce Department, must possess “demonstrable expertise in a field related to the management of living marine resources.” The appointee can seek a second three-year term at the conclusion of his or her first go-around; all committee appointees are termed out after six years.

Committee members must attend two annual meetings and participate in year-round subcommittee work.

The advisory committee was created in 1970 and, by mandate, must consist of 15 to 21 members.

“MAFAC is the only Federal advisory committee with the responsibility to advise the Secretary of Commerce … on all matters concerning living marine resources that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce,” the Federal Register notice for committee nominations stated. “The Committee makes recommendations to the secretary to assist in the development and implementation of departmental regulations, policies, and programs critical to the mission and goals of [the National Marine Fisheries Service].”

Send nominations to Heidi Lovett, MAFAC Assistant Director, at NMFS Office of Policy, 14th Floor, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.

Lovett can also be reached at 301-427-8034 or

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