DFW announces “Trophy Trout” opportunities at SoCal lakes

Plants throughout the year will include “super-catchable” and larger bites.

STATEWIDE — Trout hatcheries across the state will release trophy-sized fish for approved angling venues, providing anglers changes to make a big catch.

California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) will release trophy-sized trout at multiple locations in Central and Southern California. A trophy-sized trout is larger than 2.99 pounds.

Recreational fishers will also have opportunities to reel in “super-catchable” trout, which are fish ranging between 1.1 and 2.99 pounds, each.

The department intends to release about 100,000 pounds of trophy or super-catchable-sized trout at public fishing venues up and down the state, according to DFW staff.

“Some of these large fish are raised specifically to provide public anglers with a chance to catch a big one, and others are released to approved waters once they have fulfilled their role in providing fertilized eggs for populating fish of all life stages in [the department’s] statewide program of trout hatcheries,” DFW staff said in a released statement.

DFW added about 93 percent of all trout released by its hatcheries are categorized as “catchable,” usually weighing about one-half pound and measuring 12 inches in length.

“Trophy and super-catchable trout require more resources than catchable-size trout,” DFW staff stated. “Younger trout (fingerling to catchable size) grow quickly and efficiently convert fish food to body size, and that efficiency drops with age.”

Southern California locations designated for trophy and super-catchable sized trout in 2018 are: Bishop Creek, Bridgeport Reservoir, Convict Lake, Diaz Lake, Ellery Lake, the June Lake Loop, Lake Sabrina, Lee Vining Creek, Lundy Lake, the Mammoth Lakes, the Owens River, Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Pyramid Lake, Twin Lakes Bridgeport, Rock Creek Lake, Saddlebag Lake, Silverwood Lake, South Lake, Tioga Lake, Virginia Lakes and the West Walker River.

Trophy and super-catchable plants are also planned for Kern River, Kings, River, Pincrest Lake, Shaver Lake and Stanislaus River.

Contact DFW’s regional offices or visit the department’s fish stocking website for specific information, such as stocking dates. The website is nrm.dfg.ca.gov/FishPlants/. DFW’s Central Region office is at 559-243-4005, ext. 183; the South Coast Region and Inland Desert offices are both at 855-887-1275.

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