DFW conducts strategic planning for trout and hatchery resources

STATEWIDE — The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is seeking public input for its trout management guidelines through a series of questionnaires. Each questionnaire would, according to department staff, help provide DFW with perspectives for each of its three strategic plans on trout and hatchery management.

The three projects are: Strategic Plan for Trout Management; Strategic Plan for Trout Hatcheries; and, Inland Trout Angling Regulation Simplification.

There are five separate questionnaires for anglers and interested parties to answer. All five questionnaires can be found here: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Fishing/Inland/Trout-Plan.

The five questionnaires are: Wild Trout; Stocked Trout; Hatcheries; Conservation; and, Regulations.

Questions for the Stocked Trout, for example, include where you primarily fish for stocked trout, what species you fish for, and the importance of catching native stocks.

Native trout, which is defined as “trout …originally found in its California home waters prior to human influence” and non-native trout are a focus of the stocked trout questionnaire.

California Golden Trout and Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout are examples of native trout, while brown and brook trout are non-native (introduced to California from other places).

The Wild Trout questionnaire mirrors the Stocked Trout survey, but also focuses on those trout born and residing in the wild, regardless of its parents’ origin.

The other questionnaires focus on: hatchery operations; efforts to restore, sustain and enhance native habitats; and, whether state regulations are effective or need improvement.

It was unclear on the DFW website when the public process would be closed.

Contact Roger K. Bloom at DFW if you have questions or need more information; he can be reached at 916-445-3777 or Roger.Bloom@wildlife.ca.gov.

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