DFW temporarily closes trout hatchery for maintenance

FILLMORE — A rainbow trout hatchery in eastern Ventura County was temporarily shut down for maintenance, May 7. The Fillmore Trout Hatchery will remain closed until September or October, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW).

State officials will move all rainbow trout at the Fillmore venue to the Mojave River Hatchery in San Bernardino County. The state opened the upgraded Mojave River Hatchery in 2017.

Fillmore Trout Hatchery will undergo a similar maintenance upgrade as Mojave River Hatchery.

“The hatchery is again growing and stocking trout to approved waters in Southern California. With the Mojave River Hatchery back online, trout production and distribution is forecast to improve significantly for Southern California in 2018,” DFW officials stated. “It is now the Fillmore Trout Hatchery’s turn for facilities work and the Mojave River Hatchery has adequate room to raise fish for the Fillmore Trout Hatchery for the next few months.”

DFW officials stated the upgraded trout hatchery in Fillmore would result in “increased efficiencies and better trout production.”

Work would specifically be done on the aeration tower, electrical uses, plumbing, public outreach and rearing ponds.

The Fillmore Trout Hatchery first opened to the public about 78 years ago.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife photo

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