Everingham Bros. Bait Co. increases live bait prices

Price increase went into effect on June 1 to cover increased operational costs.

SAN DIEGO — Fishing has become a little more expensive as Everingham Bros. Bait Co. increased the price of live bait for anglers at Dana Point, Mission Bay and San Diego.

Prices increased between $10 and $30, depending upon how much bait is bought.

“Due to the cost of labor, insurance and durable goods to operate and maintain our vessels and equipment, Everingham Bros. Bait Co. must raise our prices,” a statement on the bait company’s website read about the price increase. “Our goal has always been and still will be to provide the best live bait available.”

As of June 1 a 5-pound scoop of bait is $35, up from $25. A 10-pound scoop of bait is now $45 (up from $35) and 15 pounds of bait will cost anglers $75 (up from $55).

Cured bait, if available, will cost $165 for 30 pounds, up from $135.

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