Trolling for catches and records at Santa Ana River Lakes

ANAHEIM — Several anglers hit the jackpot at Santa Ana River Lakes in Anaheim on April 18, with one record catch and a few others reeling in multiple fish.

Rich Kizzee (pictured) made it to Santa Ana River Lakes from Los Angeles and caught two catfish: a 23-pounder (which he released) and a 10-pound, 7-ouncer. The lighter catfish was caught using chicken livers. Kizzee made both catches in Catfish Lake.

Fullerton resident Justine Chevalier reeled in six catfish, using shrimp, while on a float tube. The catfish totaled 34 pounds and were all caught near “The Road.”

Also catching catfish was Morris Suliff of Garden Grove. He reeled in five catfish, all weighing in at 33 pounds, 8 ounces. The largest catch, a 12-pounder, was caught while trolling in Big Lake with a silver needlefish.

Catfish were not the only species reeled in last month. Long Beach’s Kyle Gracey reeled in a 12-pound trout at the lake’s boat dock; he used white Drew Customs bait.

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