First Wahoo of 2015 Fishing Season

FishRap Staff

Balboa Angling Club reportedly weighed the first wahoo catch of 2015 on Aug. 29. Mikko Monte and his dad Eric reeled in the 59.75-inch long wahoo while aboard a 37-foot Hatteras (owned by longtime Balboa Angling Club member Neal Monte, Mikko’s grandfather) while fishing at the 17 Fathom Spot. Mikko Monte battled the wahoo, which had a 24.25-inch girth, for about 20 minutes before reeling in the 52.58-pounder using a 50-pound tackle.

The last wahoo reeled in by a Balboa Angling Club boat was in September 2014.

Wahoos are generally found off the shores of Baja California.

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