Fish and Game Commission to discuss MPA Monitoring

SACRAMENTO — Members of the Fish and Game Commission are expected to discuss the statewide Marine Protected Areas (MPA) monitoring action plan at its August meetings in Fortuna, California.

The MPA monitoring plan was already discussed at the most recent Marine Resources Committee (MRC) meeting (July 17 in San Clemente).

Commissioners are slated to discuss the action plan during the Aug. 23-24 meetings; a vote on the action plan could come as early as the Fish and Game Commission’s October meetings in Fresno.

State law requires MPAs to be monitored and evaluated in the name of adaptive management.

“The draft Action Plan is intended to inform next steps for long-term MPA monitoring in California by tying together MPA monitoring, research and evaluation concepts and priorities across statewide and regional scales,” Fish and Game Commission staff stated in a report to MRC members. “The Action Plan prioritizes metrics, habitats, sites, and species to target for long-term monitoring and its funding in order to inform the evaluation of California’s MPA network.”

Commissioners Eric Sklar and Peter Silva sit on the Marine Resources Committee.

California’s 124 MPAs were officially designated in 2012 and cover 16 percent of state waters.

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