Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation announces education fund

By: Parimal M. Rohit

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — A new education fund was created in late February to encourage Hispanic and Latin communities to become more engaged with on-the-water activities.

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) announced the formation of the  George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar Education Fund, on March 5. According to RBFF, the fund would support grassroots programs, classes and on-the-water activities in an attempt to increase awareness and engagement of Hispanic and Latin communities in recreational boating and fishing.

“Educating and engaging the Hispanic audience in boating and fishing is critical to the future of the sport, and this fund will have a great impact on that need,” RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson said.

The fund was made possible through a $125,000 donation by Johnny Morris, founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops and will initially focus on Hispanic and Latin populations in large metropolitan centers in Florida and Texas.

More information about the education fund will be made available in the next few months. Whether the fund will eventually be expanded to include Hispanic and Latin communities in Southern California will be included in future coverage.

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“Vamos A Pescar” is Spanish for Let’s Go Fishing.

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