Annual Sportfishing License Rates for 2016

The start of 2016 means it is time to purchase your fishing license for the year. Below is a breakdown of select fees and costs.

Dates active: Jan. 1, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2016

Minimum age for license: 16 years old
License Agent Handling Fee (most licenses): 5 percent
Nonrefundable Application Fee (most licenses): 3 percent

License Fees
California Resident Sportfishing License: $47.01
Non-resident Sportfishing License: $126.36
Disabled Veteran Reduced Fee, DFW office: $6.95
Disabled Veteran Reduced Fee, license agent: $7.30
Recovering Service Member or Low-Income Senior: $6.95
Low Income Native American: $0.00
Mobility Impaired, Blind, Developmentally Disabled: $0.00

Ocean Enhancement Validations: $5.14
Second Rod Validation (Inland Waters): $14.61
Spiny Lobster Report Card: $9.46

Lifetime Fishing Licenses
Age 0 to 9: $517.00
Age 10 to 39: $844.50
Age 40 to 61: $761.00
Age 62 and up: $517.00

Source: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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