Fishing Picks of the Week

1. It’s trout mania time. Plants are going in everywhere, but the top bet this week is one of two spots in the region (pick the one closest to you): Wohlford Lake in San Diego County or Santa Ana River Lakes in Orange County. Both are heavily planted and both producing a lot of quality fish. For an update on Wohlford, call 760-839-4346 or For an update on SARL call 714-632-7851 or log on at

2. This is the odd-ball pick, but for the fifth week in a row there has been a very good carp bite at Lake Perris. While no monster fish topping 15 pounds were reported this week, but bite remains good and fish that size or bigger possible on on homemade dough baits. Top spots have been along the south side of the lake, especially in the Sail Cove area, around the marina docks, and at Lots 11 and 12. For an update and tips on fishing this bite, check with the marina staff at 951-657-2179.

3. Rockfish action in the ocean is wide open, especially up in the Channel Islands. This isn’t as glamorous as bluefin or yellowtail, but a day spent catching some of the tastiest fillets in the world can’t be all bad. Half- to full-limits have been the rule on half-, three-quarter, and full-day boats at most landings. For an update on the bite, go to

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