Former San Diego area fishing gear business owner passes away

Nellie Tanuguchi worked with tuna fishing boats during industry’s height.

SAN DIEGO — The one-time owner of a local commercial fishing gear supply firm and longtime Point Loma area resident passed away Jan. 20.

Nellie Rakuko Taniguchi, who was a major part of a family-owned fishing business in San Diego, died late last month. Her cause of death was not revealed at press time. She was 93.

Taniguchi came to the San Diego area in the 1950s and took over the fishing family business with her husband, Take. The business supplied fishing gear to tuna fishing boats.

Her family described Taniguchi as the heart and soul of the business during her time with the company.

“In the 1950s, [Nellie and her husband] both moved to San Diego and proceeded to start a family and worked at the small family fishing business. Nellie was the heart and an integral part of the family business,” her family said in a released statement. “Nellie worked until recently. She took pride in knowing many of the clients as they expanded generation after generation of families in the fishing industry.”

Taniguchi was born April 30, 1923 in Morro Bay, California. She was sent to an internment camp shortly after graduating high school, according to her family.

Later she was granted permission to move east and study, becoming a bookkeeper and secretary. It was during her time out east she met her husband Take.

A memorial was being planned for Taniguchi as of press time.

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