Halibut, seabass dominate day on New Hustler


SAN DIEGO — On Saturday, Aug. 2, New Hustler Capt. Chris Volaski of Hooks Landing in the Channel Islands reported another day of solid catches, including a steady stream of halibut and seabass.            

Steve C. of Newbury Park reeled in a 28 pound white seabass using live squid as bait. Also aboard the New Hustler, an angler shows off his 29-pound halibut he captured baiting live squid.            

Aboard the Coroloma, Capt. Marshall Stein reported strong salmon bites. Amanda of San Fernando Valley showcases her 9 pound salmon grouper caught using a live anchovy.            

Down in San Diego, skipper Vincent Ivicevic and his son Jake Ivicevic, traveling on Honey II, caught two mahi mahi, four yellofin tuna, one bluefin tuna and one yellowtail 20 miles off of Point Loma Aug. 3.

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