Inyo County trout season is officially open

CDFW approves request for fishing season to move forward in southernmost areas of the Eastern Sierras.

SACRAMENTO—The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) approved Inyo County’s formal request to start its trout season. The season officially opened on May 28.

Inyo County’s 2020 trout opener was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. CDFW originally mandated the season be delayed until at least May 31, but local officials requested the delay come to an end a few days earlier.

Mono County, which is just north of Inyo County, opened its trout season on May 23.

Anglers planned to head into the Eastern Sierras on April 25 to celebrate “Fishmas;” April 25 was the originally scheduled date for this year’s trout season opener.

The April 25 date was pushed back to May 31 or later because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gov. Gavin Newsom, however, called for phase two of his re-opening plan to go into effect as the final days of May began to play out. Inyo County officials, accordingly, began negotiations with the state to move forward with its 2020 trout opener.

The county received approval from the state’s Department of Public Health to open local lakes and waterways to fishing; the approval was needed for CDFW to authorize a May 28 opener.

CDFW’s most recent decision only applies to Inyo County.

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