Is 2017 the year of the yellowfin?

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — Local fishing landings have been buzzing lately with talks of yellowfin bites just offshore. Some of the talk has been backed up with photos and fishing reports. Even Bob Vanian discusses the highly active yellowfin bite in his latest fishing report column.

So just how good is the yellowfin bite in these final days of summer?

The tally for yellowfin tuna bite, according to, was at 25,151 for 2017, as of Sept. 18. Bluefin tuna totals for 2017, in comparison, are at 10,668, also as of Sept. 18.

Sea Adventure 80 out of San Diego currently leads the way on with 1,912 yellowfin catches reported. Ocean Odyssey, also out of San Diego, is a distant second on the 976-tuna tally with 1,429 yellowfin caught.

Other sportfishing vessels reporting yellowfin catches include Ranger 85 (1,280 yellowfin caught), Constitution (973), Legend (883), New Lo-An (837), Pacific Queen (771), Condor (718), Grande (658), Chief (627), Tribute (536) and Fortune (523).

Reports of yellowfin catches have been relatively high in recent days. 22nd Street Marina in San Pedro, for example, reported 51 yellowfin catches for 27 anglers in mid-September. A fishing trip with 25 anglers out of Helgren’s Sportfishing in Oceanside returned to shore, also in mid-September, with 55 yellowfin.

Dolphin Sportfishing reported a yellowfin catch on its Facebook page, Sept. 13. A Native Sun report on Sept. 15 indicated two yellowfin catches.

Ultra Sportfishing out of San Pedro also reported yellowfin tuna catches when she returned to shore in mid-September.

Four boats with 77 anglers out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego returned to shore with 231 yellowfin during the weekend of Sept. 15-17.

The whopper report in the same time frame came out of San Diego’s H&M Landing. The four boats with 87 anglers aboard came back with 614 yellowfin.

Yellowfin bites were active in early September, as well. Fury out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing in Dana Point reported a decent yellowfin haul during a two-day fishing trip during Labor Day weekend.

Of course yellowfin bites have been active all summer – even before the recent rush. Patriot out of Newport Landing Sportfishing in Newport Beach, for example, posted a photo of a young man reeling in his first-ever yellowfin in mid-July.

How much longer will the yellowfin bite continue? Getting out on the water might be the only way to find out. We’ll take a deeper look at the yellowfin bite once the red-hot season calms down – whenever that might be.

Yellowfin aren’t the only tuna biting. H&M Landing reached out to FishRap News on Sept. 19 and informed us a 397-pound bluefin was on board one of its fleet.

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