David Ly wins kayak in Fred Hall Show giveaway

IRVINE — David Ly of Norwalk is the winner of a new Malibu Sierra 10 Kayak in The Log’s FishRap Kayak Giveaway. Ly was one of the many attendees who entered the giveaway drawing for the grand prize at the Fred Hall Fishing, Tackle and Boat Shows in Long Beach and Del Mar – signing up for a free digital description at The Log’s booth.

This was not the first time someone in Ly’s family received a call from The Log about being selected as the giveaway winner; his cousin won a kayak several years ago. 

“I got lucky this time,” said Ly who picked up his prize with daughter, Katherine, on March 25. 

Ly plans to take his kayak out to Belmont Shores to get a feel for the craft before heading out to the kelp beds off Palos Verdes. 

The longtime angler enjoys ocean fishing and gets out on at least four to six fishing trips per year. His next trip will be on Pacific Star out of Long Beach. 

“Now I plan to do more,” he said.

Ly’s most memorable catch was in Mexico several years ago when he reeled in a sailfish. Aside from hitting local waters with the new Malibu Sierra 10 Kayak Ly hopes to make it to Alaska one day and reel Katherine into the sport.

The kayak features adjustable foot track system, front and rear bungee storage, a pair of rod holders, ample storage and an Apex 1 seat.

Malibu Kayaks sponsored the giveaway. 

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