Netting some crawl in Santa Monica Bay

By: Parimal M. Rohit

Lobsters were aplenty for a group of avid fishers who dawned Los Anglers apparel during an excursion and used hoop nets to capture quite the spiny bug bounty in January.

Brad Titus shared several photos taken in Santa Monica Bay of lobsters he and his friends from Los Anglers caught with hoop nets. Titus explained how the lobsters were caught: “Fill the bait tubes with mackerel, yellowtail heads & carcass, salmon heads & carcass, drop the hoop nets, wait 45 minutes, then pull them up.”

He reminded fellow lobster hunters no more than 10 hoop nets are allowed on a boat, and lobster hunters must have a current California fishing license and a lobster report card. Recreational lobster hunters are allowed to keep seven legal lobsters.

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