Local Bass Fishing On Fire

By: FishRap Staff

Angler Kevin Kim of Team Typhoon Optics was aboard Spitfire out of Marina del Rey June 16 and reported scoring huge on calico bass, fishing the kelp at BKR. Kim nose-hooked horse-size sardines on a 3/0 ringed hook and pulled in a bass virtually every cast, he said. “We were pleasantly surprised to experience calico bass fishing that would blow San Clemente or Catalina out of the water. I personally caught 12 lunkers from the 4- to 7-pound range — of course, only keeping five, due to the new regulations,” Kim said. “My buddies also caught 10 and 9 fish. The rest of the boat’s anglers, who were completely under-geared for this type of fishing, caught a few sheephead and rockfish.”

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