Man convicted for killing great white shark

SANTA CRUZ—California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife earned a legal victory in late January, when a San Jose man was convicted of shooting and killing a great white shark.

Vinh Pham, 41, was fined $5,000, placed on a two-year conditional probation and was ordered to have his firearm destroyed, all based on being convicted for unlawfully killing a great white shark in Santa Cruz County last year.

Pham was a member of a commercial fishing boat crew. DFW wildlife officers were given a tip that Pham was responsible for shooting at a great white shark with a .22 caliber firearm. The carcass of the 9-foot shark had beached onto the shore of Beer Can Beach on June 17, 2018, immediately sparking a DFW investigation. The subsequent autopsy – specifically called a necropsy – revealed the shark died due to being shot multiple times by a .22 caliber firearm.

Wildlife officers followed up with the tip it received and investigated the boat where Pham worked as a commercial fisherman. The investigation revealed several fishing violations (such as the possession of undersized halibut and no landing receipts) and a .22 caliber rifle. Bullets found in the shark matched with the rifle, according to DFW’s investigation.

Pham later confessed to the shooting and, on Jan. 14, pleaded guilty to multiple charges; he faced his charges at Santa Cruz Superior Court. The conviction was announced to the press on Jan. 24.

One thought on “Man convicted for killing great white shark

  • June 4, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    The State of California should not be casting stones! they have killed off the entire population of Tilapia in the Salton Sea, and thousands of birds that fed on those fish. They have also created false droughts to save Delta Smelt, a fish that is not even native to the United States, they are currently killing off homeowners pets, and homsteaders chickens, here in the inland empire, they claim its to prevent the spread of New Castle Disease, they killed off the middle class. who gives a ratts behind about a demon from the deep? not to mention they let pg&e get away with criminal neglegence at Porter Ranch, and the camp fire. they need to all be fired!!!! where is the end to this madness, California is so mismanaged its a crying shame, oh but lets not build anymore prisons, lets raise taxes more, lets penalize the people who put gas in there cars, who smoke,and who use plastic. and who can not afford healthcare anymore, now that its mandatory, all the Docters make fortune by ripping off your insurance providers. this is the land of the Free. and sooner or later we will all get tired of the b.s. and we will fight for liberty once again. fish on Brothers! until they try to take that away from us too.


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