Marina del Rey Anglers release white sea bass

MARINA DEL REY—A batch of white sea bass were released from a pen in Marina del Rey, April 7. The fish were released because food was no longer available at the pen. What follows is the statement Marina del Rey Anglers posted on its Facebook page – along with a few photos – about the release.

“The White Seabass are out and free. They are big and healthy. We have a big tide swing and maybe some will follow those tides out to the open ocean. Maybe they will use the harbor as an estuary and grow up some more before migrating.

This batch that we got of 3,700 had very few die offs. The Pen Pals track the ‘Morts’ and log them. A few are taken by the hubs and DFG scientists to verify their health before the give us the green light to release them.

That they were released today with rain and clouds and the COVID-19 shut down means that few will be hooked by local fishermen. And surprise, no sealions were on hand at all at the docks when the crew showed up to release them today.

There [were] enough hands to make light and fast work of it. We did not have a graduation march playing. Such fanfare is for sunny days and not when we are all wearing masks.

It was over in less than 30 minutes from arrival to departure for most. But the fish really were the ones who did not want to go. Some sneak past the crowder and tried to hang in the safety of the pen. But when all the end gates are out the fish got the hint and swam free.

They are totally on their own. We are totally out of food. They are not starving but when they get hungry, they will migrate to find their preferred prey.”

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