Huntington Beach’s Cousins Tackle merges with Castaway Rods

By: FishRap Staff

The 2015 Fred Hall Fishing and Tackle Boat Show opened March 4 with the announcement of a merger between Huntington Beach-based Cousins Tackle Corp. and CastAway Rods of Texas.

Corporate union representatives from both companies believe the merge will benefit the fishing tackle industry.

“This is one American company merging with another American company, so together we can build more and better fishing products for consumers,” Mac DeLaup, owner of CastAway Rods, said. “We’re not doing this for any of the reasons people might think when they hear the word ‘merger.’ This is about growing both brands together in ways that would never be possible apart.”

CastAway reported it has plans to expand staffing at its 6,500-square-foot manufacturing center in Texas. Cousins opened a 13,000-square-foot center in California 18 months ago to manufacture rod and vinyl lure skirts; 50 people work at the Cousins plant to produce more than 300 different rod models.

According to an issued statement, the merged company made plans to announce the corporate union at the 2015 International Convention and Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) show in Orlando, Florida.

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