Mexican government announces stricter enforcement of travel rules

Parimal M. Rohit

SAN DIEGO — Some sportfishing vessels traveling south of the border do not have proper documentation despite Mexico’s efforts to make it easier for American boaters to obtain the requisite paperwork, the Mexican Consulate General announced on July 23.

Consulate General María de los Remedios Gómez Arnau issued a statement late last month informing boaters the Mexican government will be stepping up its enforcement efforts.

The Mexican government launched a bilingual, multiagency website in May to make it easier for anglers and boaters to find, fill out and submit all the necessary paperwork before entering Mexico’s territorial waters.

“This Mexican multiagency effort has allowed most foreign nautical tourists to comply with the Mexican legal requirements in an accessible and easy way. Despite such effort, there are still some boats that have been spotted in Mexican waters without abiding by the corresponding rules,” Arnau said. “Sportfishing activities in Baja are always welcome, but required documents and permits by the Mexican government are a must.”

She added immigration officials and the Mexican Navy will increase monitoring and enforcement efforts off the Baja California coast.

“It is important to acknowledge that lack of compliance of Mexican rules results in different sanctions, such as detention and immediate deportation of crew and passengers, as well as in confiscation of vessels,” Arnau said. “Mexican Navy and Immigration authorities are strengthening their presence in Baja waters.”

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