State Senator proposes name change for Fish and Game Code

Parimal M. Rohit

SACRAMENTO — State Sen. Mark Leno has proposed changing the name of the state’s Fish and Game Code.

If his Senate Bill 718 (SB 718) passes and is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, the laws governing California’s fishing, hunting and other related industries would be officially known as the Fish and Wildlife Code.

The name change would make the code’s identification consistent with the Department of Fish and Wildlife moniker. That department changed its name from Fish and Game to Fish and Wildlife in 2013.

According to the Associated Press, state legislators across the country are moving toward using the word “game” in official departments or proposed regulations. The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies told AP less than one in four states still use “game” to identify the agency governing wildlife, including Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Should the name of the code regulating California wildlife be changed, only one major state arm would still be identified with the word “game” — the Fish and Game Commission.

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