NFL players hook up with Fish. Food. Feel Good to feed San Diegans


SAN DIEGO — San Diego Chargers’ defensive end Corey Liuget traded tackles for fishing lines June 20 when he teamed up with Fish. Food. Feel Good (F3G) for its annual day-and-a- half fishing for charity event.            

Showing his support for the cause aboard Pacific Queen, Liuget was joined by fellow Charger Damik Scafe, F3G’s founder and President Todd Bluechel and Fox Sports’ Brook Roberts for a day of angling and awareness.                

“Fish. Food. Feel Good. is a wonderful charity that feeds thousands of San Diegans in need for free,” Liuget said. “How can you not want to support such a unique charity?”                

As Capt. Drew Card navigated the water alongside 30 supporters, Liuget, Scafe and a few others sharpened their skills with a few yellowtail catches. After approaching a sizeable kelp paddy, the fish were suddenly reeled in at an alarming rate.                

Freshly hooked anchovies were quickly consumed as the action picked up. Yellowfin swarmed the area, much to the delight of the fishermen. In the middle of all the action, Liuget was heard screaming as he reeled in the boat’s second biggest fish of the day. It was also the largest catch of his life.                

Bluechel and Scafe each landed several yellowtail, as well as a couple generous-sized yellowfin. Roberts also reeled in several yellowtails. At the end of the day, Pacific Queen landed more fish than all the other boats combined, catching 83 Yellowtail and 13 Yellowfin.                

Fish. Food. Feel Good. is America’s only sustainable fishing charity. Based in San Diego, F3G collects sport caught fish from fishermen and distributes them to local charities who serve it to more than 80,000 Americans in need for free.                

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