California not included in NOAA grants for fisheries

Parimal M. Rohit
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nine states, three tribes and one territory received $4.5 million in grant funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to support recovery efforts of endangered or threatened species, it was announced Sept. 2. California was not among the nine states awarded funding.

NOAA’s Fisheries Species Recovery Grant Program is supporting five new projects with its 2015 funding; another 14 multi-year projects will continue to receive federal grants. Grants were awarded to new or continuing projects in Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Carolina and Washington; also receiving funding were the Makah, Penobscot and Wiyot tribes.

“All of these projects support one of NOAA Fisheries’ core missions, to conserve, recover, and protect marine resources for future generations,” Eileen Sobeck, NOAA Fisheries administrator said.

NOAA also announced a call for proposals for 2016 grants; whether California is awarded funds to help protect endangered or threatened species remains to be seen.

The federal agency is also funding Species Recovery Grant projects, which, according to NOAA, “support management, research, and outreach efforts designed to bring vulnerable species to a point where Endangered Species Act protections are no longer necessary.”

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