Pot of trout at the end of the rainbow

Eastern Sierra’s 2018 trout season is officially open.

MAMMOTH LAKES — The 2018 trout season is officially underway in the Eastern Sierras, with many freshwater lakes opening their waterways to anglers from all across California, April 28. Anglers regularly flock to the Eastern Sierras this time of year to celebrate the trout season opener – often dubbed “Fishmas.”

Gilbert Hernandez of Fontana was one such angler who made his way north during the final weekend of April. He reeled in a 9-pound and 6-ounce rainbow trout on the North Shore of Convict Lake with a Rapala.

“So far this fish takes the cake,” was the photo’s caption, which was shared on Convict Lake’s Facebook page.

Photo: Convict Lake Facebook page

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