Redevelopment of Seaforth Marina approved by Coastal Commission

Commissioners approve phase two of dock-replacement project at Mission Bay.

REDONDO BEACH — The second and final phase of the complete renovation of Seaforth Marina and its sportfishing dock at Mission Bay Park was allowed to move forward, thanks to a California Coastal Commission vote at its April meetings in Redondo Beach.

Seaforth Sportfishing will replace its existing floating wooden docks at Seaforth Boat Rental and Seaforth Marina with “preservative-treated, sealed wooden docks,” while also repositioning 14 existing concrete piles.

“The proposed work will be divided into two stages: (1) the removal and replacement of the rental docks at the Seaforth Boat Rental which cover approximately 4,846 square feet of water area; and (2) the removal and replacement of docks C, D, E, and F and fingers at the Seaforth Marina which cover approximately 23,728 square feet of water,” Coastal Commission staff stated in a report to commissioners.

The project’s first phase focused on the replacement and reconfiguration of Docks A and B in the marina and the sportfishing dock. Dock F will be reconfigured as part of the project’s second phase.

Construction will not be allowed between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to Coastal Commission staff, as to ensure public access to Mission Bay is preserved during peak summer months.

Several other marine-themed businesses share the portion of Mission Bay Park where Seaforth Sportfishing is located.

Seaforth Marina, which includes six docks (A through F), was ending the near of its useful life, according to documents shared with the Coastal Commission.

Eelgrass is not present at the project site, according to Coastal Commission staff.

Mission Bay is a public park located a few miles north of San Diego Bay and is a popular destination for active and passive recreational uses, including boating, jet skiing and other uses. The area is also home to wildlife refuges, least tern nesting sites, yacht clubs and restaurants.

Seaforth Sportfishing is located at 1717 Quivira Road in San Diego.

Seaforth Sportfishing photo

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