Robert Ross Fishing Tournament returns for a second year

LORETO, Baja California Sur—The second Robert Ross Fishing Tournament returns to Baja California Sur’s inner coast, as Marina Puerto Escondido will host the competitive angling event, May 15-17. The inaugural tournament in 2019 was deemed a success by organizers, with more than 120 billfish caught last year.

Registration for the Robert Ross Fishing Tournament is officially open. Each registered team would comprise of four anglers. Dorado, tuna and yellowtail are eligible for weigh-in, while marlin and sailfish must be caught and released. A grand prize is awarded to the largest catch and release, while all weigh-in categories are eligible for “Brown Bag Pots.”

The entry fee is $1,000 per team. There are several rules associated with the tournament. Every angler competing in the tournament, for example, must have a valid fishing license and marine park passport or bracelet.

“All fish must be caught on a hook and line in a conventional sporting manner. For each fish caught, a control photo will be required using specific instructions provided via VHF each morning of the tournament,” organizers stated. “Passing the rod between the four anglers on the team is allowed. All types of rods and reels are permitted except for electric reels.”

The maximum test line allowable during the tournament is 130 pounds. No more than five fish of the same species are allowed for weigh-in categories; there is no fish limit for catch and release categories.

Anglers must also abide by a weight minimum: any fish weighing less than 15 pounds should be released.

“There is no limit to how many crew you may have on each boat. The crew is not permitted to assist in reeling in any fish. The crew is permitted to assist in the hook out,” according to the tournament’s rules.

Each winner of the Robert Ross Fishing Tournament will automatically be qualified for the Grand Final Calisureños Tournament, which will take place at Loreto in August. General Prize winners will also receive a trophy, courtesy of Gray Trophy Fish Mounts.

All competitors will receive a “Tournament Bag;” inside the bag will be a hat, tournament shirt, neck gaiter and tuna plug, amongst other items.

The Grand Prize winner for the catch and release category will receive 40 percent of entry fees plus a Suzuki Outboard Motor. First place for Dorado, tuna and yellowtail categories will receive 13.33 percent of entry fees (per category). Each team is eligible to win in multiple categories.

There are optional “Brown Bag Pots” for Dorado, tuna and yellowtail catches: $500 entry, winner takes all; $1,000 entry, winner takes all; $5,000 entry, winner takes all. The pots are up for grabs each day of the tournament, meaning the total prize pool of each “Brown Bag” category is $1,500, $3,000 and $15,000.

A $1,000 prize will also be awarded for the biggest fish caught with the tournament tuna plug. Catching the fish with the tuna plug must be captured on a video.

A kids fishing category will also be featured. Entry is free and all competitors must be 18 or younger. All species are eligible to catch and the heaviest fish will win. The winner will receive a fishing goodie bag.

Visit for more information about registration and the competition.

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