San Bernardino County lakes to receive 70,000 pounds of rainbows

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY — The San Bernardino County Parks Department announced it would be stocking only 70,000 pounds of rainbow trout at its five urban lakes in the Inland Empire: Cucamonga-Guasti, Glen Helen, Mojave Narrows, Prado, and Yucaipa. The stocking is 100,000 pounds less than last year, not 50,000 pounds as reported last week, and weekly plants will be from 500 to 700 pounds, a reduction from the 1,000 to 1,200 pounds planted in previous years.

The first trout plants of this fall-winter season went in Dec. 3 at all five county park lakes, nearly two months later than normal. The plants will continue through April 14. There will be a series of derbies at all five parks, but dates have not been set yet. The lakes will receive double plants for the derby along with trophy trout from six to 12 pounds.

The county blames the shortened season and reduced number of trout planted on a 40 percent increase in the cost of trout this year.

After the first of the year, the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be increasing the poundage of fish in its plants at San Bernardino County Parks because of an increase in the state’s hatchery budget that will kick in after the first of the year. So far this year, each DFW plant at county park lakes has consisted of 200 pounds of half-pound trout.

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