State officials re-open Mojave River Hatchery

Hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into renovation of trout facility.

VICTORVILLE — California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) officially re-opened the Mojave River Hatchery in Victorville after completing an overhaul and renovation of the trout facility, it was announced. The hatchery renovation apparently cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but state officials did not reveal the exact amount spent on the project.

There are 13 inland trout hatcheries, including Mojave River Hatchery, operated by state officials. The hatcheries provide trout fishing opportunities to the angling public. Mojave River Hatchery had not been renovated in more than 45 years, according to officials

Renovations included pressure washing and disinfecting about 6,000 linear feet of fish rearing ponds and plumbing. All fish rearing surfaces were coated with mandated epoxy coating to “improve fish culture conditions and installing new manifolds for the water recirculation loop to improve efficiency,” according to DFW staff.

“The modernization of the Mojave Hatchery will greatly benefit Southern California trout anglers,” DFW staff added. “Fish production at Mojave River Hatchery has already resumed and healthy juvenile fish have been brought in from other CDFW hatcheries for additional growth at the renovated facility. The first batch of catchable-sized fish from Mojave Hatchery [is] anticipated in late February, with others to follow.”

The hatchery will be receiving millions of fertile trout eggs later this year, all of which would be incubated and reared. Trout from the hatchery would then be used to stock freshwater watering holes in Southern California.

Also upgraded were the fishery’s plumbing, pump motors and settling ponds.

CDFW photo

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