Young angler reels in 2 yellowfin totaling 585 pounds

By: Parimal M. Rohit

Dharyl Shelbourne of Royal Polaris reported March 25 an angler aboard the sportfishing vessel reeled in two yellowfin tunas totaling 585 pounds during a recent expedition off the Southern California coast. Shelbourne titled his report, “Rookie’s Luck: Supercow.”

According to Shelbourne, Ali Chahine caught one yellowtail weighing in at 221 pounds and another tipping the scales at 364 pounds. It was reportedly Chahine’s first-ever fishing expedition longer than three days.

“Ali was the lucky angler today with a 221- and a 364-pound yellowfin tuna,” Shelbourne reported. “For Ali to get this monster, he needed two boats, the Royal Polaris, and the skiff. We normally don’t take skiffs, but Capt. Jonathan (Yamate) thought it might be a good idea to bring the skiffs this trip, and boy, did it pay off for Ali.”

According to Shelbourne, the largest fish Chahine reeled in prior to his two big catches last month weighed in at 15 pounds.

“The largest fish he had caught before this trip was a 15-pound bluefin tuna. What a difference a day makes. Not only did Ali get his yellowfin (of more than) 200 pounds, but he also caught his yellowfin (of more than) 300 pounds, in one day,” Shelbourne wrote.

Chahine’s two catches were significantly heavier than the fish other anglers aboard Royal Polaris reeled into the charter boat.

“Most of the fish today were in the 170 to 190 range; just a few fish were under the 150 mark,” Shelbourne reported.

The 364-pounder was reportedly the largest catch for Royal Polaris this year.

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