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Pelican ProGear 9000 Light Case

Engineered to act as both a high-impact protective case and portable lighting system, the Pelican ProGear 9000 Light-Case offers a host of travel-friendly features.

The light case features dual-LEDs built in to offer a variety of light modes — high mode (200 lumens) medium mode (100 lumens) and low mode (20 lumens) — a triple-level flashing mode that can be used for signaling or other directive needs; a built-in attachment hook and high-strength aluminum carabineer for hanging the light wherever it’s needed; high impact polymer construction, and is rated IPX64 watertight and it floats offering protection from accidental water encounters. 

The line is comprised of a wide range of case and lighting products built especially for the digital protection and extreme performance needs of adventurous people.

The Pelican ProGear 9000 Light-Case is priced at $59.95 and is available through authorized resellers. Visit

Wesmar BioLight attracts fish

Looking to attract fish? The Wesmar trawl sonar sleds include a new BioLight option for luring fish to the line.

The two trawl systems and five trawl sleds give trawlers the option of selecting the frequency that best fits their fishery and net size and type. Both the Models TCS785 and TCS385 trawl systems include net profile and sounder capabilities, and the TCS785 also includes forward scanning. Working depth for the 785 is 1800 meters and for the 385, 1000 meters. 

The BioLight option includes three additional crash boots all translucent. One each in clear, blue and green and they all allow the bright lights to shine through. Software with this option allows the captain to control whether the lights are on and if so whether they are steady or flashing or simulating the bioluminescence of jelly fish. The concept is that bottom fish may be attracted off the bottom ahead of the footrope, the net will then fish more efficiently and capture fish that would otherwise be lost. Power to the lights comes from thethird wire so no batteries are required. 

The BioLight feature is a $250 option on a Wesmar Trawl system. Visit

Hobie Outdoor inflatable stand up paddleboard series

Fishermen can throw a line while balancing on a stand up paddleboard on Hobie’s Outdoor Inflatable Series of stand up paddleboards. The series features two new innovative designs that cater to the stand up paddling needs of the all-around outdoor enthusiast.

The 10-foot 9-inch Sportsman and the 8-foot Day Trip Air are perfect for fishing, diving, river running, camping, and access into remote locations. They feature Hobie’s new Triple Air Chamber (T.A.C) construction. A multi chambered construction that offers increased stability, versatility and function, while remaining compact enough to carry on planes, cars, boats and RVs.

The two new boards both feature Hobie’s S3 Stand Up Stability System. The S3 system integrates rigid plates strategically placed under the deck pad in standing areas. This maximizes a paddler’s overall footprint there by maximizing stability and rigidity while not interfering with board packing and storage. 

Each board also comes complete with Hobie’s three piece adjustable Traveler Paddle, a heavy-duty back pack style carrying bag, high pressure hand pump with gauge and repair kit.   Price is 10-9 Sportsman: $1,399 and 8-0 Day Trip Air: $1,299. Visit 

Easy-to-walk bait for any level of angler

Sebile has created the Sebile Flat Belly Walker, a walking bait that any angler can walk with ease.

Available in 3.5- and 4.25-inch models, the Flat Belly Walker offers clean, crisp, side-to-side movements with its flattened belly. The design was inspired by a surfboard since they glide on the water effortlessly due to their hydrodynamic design. The same principle has been applied to the Flat Belly Walker and is what makes it so easy to work with. The design is ideal on calm days but also great when weather is rougher and a stable body is needed to work efficiently. 

Internal beads increase castability and present a loud knocking sound for more reaction strikes in dingy water. The bait is also equipped with the Xternal Weight System that allows for a lower center of gravity, higher buoyancy and better tracking stability. 

The Sebile Flat Belly Walker is priced at $6.95 and offered in 10 colors. Visit

Take control of your boated fish quickly and safely

A tailer by AFTCO can help you wrangle in your big catch in an efficient, safe, and sane manner. This tailer is ideal for any catch of up to 100 lbs. Instead of using a lip gaff, the AFTCO MST-1 tailer is designed to minimize any injury to a fish about to be released. The MST-1 tailer helps the user maintain optimum control all fish caught and measure them for legal size.

Designed with a four-foot anodized aluminum handle with an 18-inch diameter, the AFTCO MST-1 tailer also comes with plastic-coated cabling that can be used to tail jacks, sharks, tarpon, and tuna. The grips contain non-slip material to help you hold the tailer firmly and strongly.

The AFTCO MST-1 tailer retails for $149.99. Visit

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