Tips From The Bridge – Fishing in Cooler Tempratures


Question: What should anglers do to best be prepared for the cooler fall and winter temperatures off the shores of Southern California?

Angler Brandon Hayward, editor and publisher of The Bight:

In 20 year events like we are experiencing now, Southern California takes on the feel of central Baja. The SoCal coast fishes similar to Baja spots, like Turtle, San Pablo and Hippalito bays. The tuna and wahoo and marlin offshore this summer were three examples. The most recent is the yellowtail fishing going on below Dana Point, and off Long Beach and County Line, for jumbo yellowtail–such hasn’t happened in decades. Be ready for late fall/winter yellowtail fishing in deep water. Forty- to fifty pound test, a high-speed reel, and a handful of yo-yo jigs is going to be the go-to rig, versus the usual rockfish gear. 

Brandon Hayward is the editor/publisher of The Bight; and specializes in charters for coastal white seabass; however, his guide service ( also fishes for everything that swims in the Southern California Bight. His current focuses are lobster at Catalina Island, and big yellowtail along the coast. 

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