Tips From The Bridge – Crowd Fishing

By: Parimal M. Rohit

Question: When in an area where the fish are aplenty but the location is inundated with boats and anglers, what’s the best way to maintain a competitive edge and have multiple bites?

Capt. Joe Cacciola:

It really depends what you’re fishing for. If you are surface fishing, you definitely need to have more room between boats than if you are bottom or deep fishing. You need to have proper distance. How much is enough? I’d say about 100 yards. Anything less than that, something is going to happen. If you are fishing up and down, [distance] is not as critical, but you’d still run into the possibility of being tangled because you never know what the fish is going to do. When you are fishing in close proximity to other boats you should know the etiquette.

Capt. Joe Cacciola helms the 60-foot-by-20-foot Sea Star, which has sailed out of Oceanside since 1982.

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