Tips From The Bridge – Knots

By: Parimal M. Rohit

Question: What kind of knots do you use when fishing and is there one that is better than the rest? What are the advantages of the best knot you use?

Capt. Joe Cacciola:

“I personally use, especially when tying monofilament directly to a hook, the improved clinch knot. It’s a multipurpose knot. You can easily see whether it pulls down and is tight. It seems to be quite effective; 99 percent of the time, that’s the type of knot that I personally use on monofilament directly tied to a hook or to a swivel. It’s very simple to tie and you can tie it quickly. You can almost do it blindfolded.”

Capt. Joe Cacciola helms the 60-foot-by-20-foot Sea Star, which has sailed out of Oceanside since 1982.

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