Tips From The Bridge – Reel Maintenance

By: Parimal M. Rohit

Question: How do you maintain your reels? Are there any specific oils or products you use?

John L. Campbell, Marlin Club of San Diego and Yellowtail Derby Director:

Cleaning Reels after fishing in Saltwater for yellowtail: After fishing, I like to do a gentle spray or mist on the Rods and Reels. I then wipe down the reels with a clean towel or cloth. I loosen the drags on the reels and apply a thin coat of light lubricant to the reel surfaces to stop rusting or corrosion.

John L. Campbell is a member of the Marlin Club of San Diego and CEO of Campbell Pacific. He has also been involved with the International Yellowtail Derby and founded a free fishing event for juniors in 2001.

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