Tips From The Bridge – Lures

Parimal M. Rohit
Question: What is the best way to free a lure or rig from a snag?

Capt. Kane Curran, The Ocean Explorer:

The hardest thing to do first off is distinguish the difference between a snag and bite before you set the hook. It is much harder to free your snag after you set the hook on what you thought was a bite. Once you realize you’re snagged, you want to let enough line out that when you pull the rod as high as you can is when it’s tight. Shake, pull, wiggle, do it all. Sometimes it also helps to take different angles by walking up and down the rail. You can also reach out as far as you can over the rail and pull. [The] number one piece of advice is don’t set the hook on a snag. (Don’t worry, the best of the best still do it once in a while.)

Capt. Kane Curran helms The Ocean Explorer out of Davey’s Locker in Newport Beach.

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