Tips From The Bridge – Weather

By: Parimal M. Rohit

Question: If someone wants to go on a 15-day fishing excursion aboard a sportfishing vessel, how should he or she be prepared for variations in water and weather conditions (especially before springtime)?

Capt. Michael Harkins, Western Pride:

If I was going on a long-range fishing trip aboard one of those bigger sportfishing boats in San Diego I would be prepared for numerous weather conditions and fishing conditions. The weather pre-springtime can change quickly. You should be prepared with foul weather gear, shorts and a tank top. You should also have two or three different types of footwear. Deck boots, tennis shoes and sandals. On these longer trips, you will be fishing off the Mexican coast so weather is tropical for the most part but storms and wind should be accounted for with proper attire.

Capt. Michael Harkins helms Western Pride out of Davey’s Locker in Newport Beach.

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