Petition to keep trout plants at 2014 levels

By: Jim Matthews

An online petition on to lobby the state legislature to keep trout plant funding at 2014 levels by giving the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) access to the inland fisheries hatchery fund has been created by Allan Sharp, former owner of Big Bear Lake Marina.

Sharp’s petition is in response to the news that the DFW would be reducing trout plants by 50 percent for 2015. This is because the legislature has not yet given the agency access to the special hatchery fund (as it did for the past three years). The DFW is seeking permanent access to this fund rather than having the legislature authorize or not authorize use of the money.

The money is allocated from the DFW budget for this fund each year, but not spending the money is a stunt by the legislature to say they have made budget cuts. The reality is that the cuts do not save the state money. It is merely a bookkeeping stunt.

To sign the petition, go to and search “restoring trout plants.” Then look for “Grant DFW access to Hatchery and Inland Fisheries Fund.”

This is the direct link:

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